Implant and Oral Surgery

Implant and oral surgery is the art of removing failed teeth while preserving, enhancing and managing the surrounding gum and bone until new tooth roots, called dental implants, can be placed and restored.  If you live in the Portsmouth, NH, or Kittery, ME, area, you’re in luck; the Center for Restorative Dentistry is in your neighborhood.

Where teeth have been previously lost, this surgical procedure is best described as the process of bringing back what was originally there. It begins by restoring lost bone and grafting new gum tissue as required, then following up with the placement of implants.

Dr. Brendan Hallissey and Dr. Stephen Swallow are experts in implant and oral surgery, up to date on the latest techniques. Research and ongoing medical and technological developments have now made it possible in many cases to place an implant at the time the natural tooth is extracted. On some occasions, it is also possible to give patients their new teeth on the same day that the implant root is placed. This has obvious cosmetic benefits, and it also helps preserve the gingival (gum) architecture just as it is.

Did you know?

3-D imaging technology is most often the primary tool to determine if a site is a candidate for immediate implant placement.