Advanced Laboratory Technology

The ceramics laboratory is where replacement teeth are actually created; how natural and how good your restorations look is a function of the ceramist’s skill. Dr. Hallissey and Dr. Swallow have always recognized and valued the ability to provide the most advanced laboratory technology available. In fact, Dr. Swallow operated his own dental ceramics laboratory, staffed by some of New England’s top ceramists, for many years.

Today, the Center for Restorative Dentisry is closely allied with one of our former ceramists, who now has his own laboratory serving Portsmouth/Kittery dentists. We believe the knowledge gained from being intimately involved with the laboratory aspects of dentistry is integral to delivering the best prosthetic and implant treatment, which includes the planning and surgical phases of treatment.

Did you know?

Dr. Swallow studied abroad with the best laboratory technicians in the world.