The Center for Restorative Dentistry serves the Portsmouth, NH, and Kittery, ME, area and provides full spectrum of dental services.  They include all of the following:

General Dentistry  •  Prosthetic Dentistry  •  Oral Plastic and Periodontal Surgery  •  Implant and Oral Surgery  •  Advanced Laboratory Technology  •  Advanced Anesthesia/Sedation Techniques

Frequently, Dr. Brendan Hallissey and Dr. Stephen Swallow work in collaboration with other general dentists and prosthodontists, melding more specialized work with their fine work.  The magic is that we understand the prosthetic concerns at their advanced level.

It’s important for patients to know that implant dentistry is not a specialty in and of itself. It is actually a combination of prosthetic, periodontal, surgical and lab technology services. This can involve multiple specialists, such as an oral surgeon and periodontist, in addition to your regular dentist.

Working with the Center for Restorative Dentistry eliminates much of the confusion and coordination of visits, as Dr. Hallissey and Dr. Swallow  provide all of the services they need and are the only office with whom your dentist or other specialist needs to communicate. Better planning, coordination, and communication also help to ensure the best result at the most reasonable cost.

Did you know?

Our office will help you maximize your insurance benefit and handle the claim submission process for you.