The Center for Restorative Dentistry combines the best of old and new. Our offices are housed in a warm and friendly ca. 1890’s Victorian, decorated to reflect both the area’s maritime heritage and our desire to provide an attractive and relaxing environment for patients.

Even our treatment rooms are welcoming. They’re light and airy…and fully equipped with the most modern diagnostic and treatment equipment available, often sitting side by side with furniture handmade by Dr. Swallow. We also have rooms designed specifically to facilitate the full sterile technique required for more complicated procedures.

While visiting the dentist is no one’s first choice in entertainment, our offices are designed to make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We can actually introduce you to hundreds of patients who enjoy visiting us!

Did you know?

The Center for Restorative Dentistry is one of only two dental offices in the Seacoast region to have its own CT scanner.